Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis is now part of Hitachi High-Technologies Group.

High performance accuracy and long-term stability

  • Fast and precise analysis for production cost optimisation
  • Accurate determination of elemental thickness
  • Optimised performance across a wide range of elements

Rugged and robust design

  • Operation by the production line or in a laboratory
  • Ease of use for production staff

Simple calibration setup

  • Analytical methods (empirical or Fundamental parameters, FP) provide simplicity and reliable quantitative results when no calibration standards are available
  • Methods are created in minutes
  • We supply certified standards for best accuracy (A2LA and ISO/IEC17025 accredited)
  • Preloaded calibration parameters available

Analysis of variety of sample shapes and sizes

  • Analyse a wide range of sample types from miniature electronic components to bathroom fittings
  • A range of hardware options is available to suit every need
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