Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis is now part of Hitachi High-Technologies Group.

X-MET Benchtop standBenchtop Stand

When repeatable positioning of the analyser or longer measurement times are required for best accuracy and precision (e.g. analysis of small parts, electronic components, powders, etc.) convert the X-MET to a benchtop unit in a matter of seconds with our benchtop stand. The stand includes dual fail to safe interlocks and a visible “X-rays on” warning light for uncompromised radiation safety and local compliance.

X-MET Weld beam collimatorWeld Beam Collimator

Provides a precision X-ray beam for the analysis of welds, small objects, wires, etc. where light element analysis is not required.


X-MET holsterHolster

Secure holster frees your hands when not measuring samples, and makes the X-MET easy to transport on-site and easy to access.

X-MET Light radiation shieldLight Radiation Shield

To further protect the user when measuring samples that might scatter the X-rays, such as platics, light metals, minerals, drywall, etc.


X-MET External printerWireless Bluetooth® Printer and barcode scanner

X-MET poleExtendable Pole

For hard -to-reach analysis places, and improved measurement ergonomics in the field.

Bluetooth receiverBluetooth GPS Receiver

Use tool for geological mapping, ore exploration, soil screening.