Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis is now part of Hitachi High-Technologies Group.

Handheld portable XRF sturdy carry caseCarrying Case

A compact, rugged and waterproof case for easy storage and transportation of the X-MET8000CG and its accessories.

Portable Benchtop Unit for Handheld X-MET XRF AnalyserBenchtop Stand

When repeatable positioning of the analyser or longer measurement times are required for best accuracy and precision (e.g. analysis of small parts, electronic components, powders, etc.) convert the X-MET to a benchtop analyser with a large chamber, in a matter of seconds with our benchtop stand.

The stand includes fail-safe interlocks and visible “X-rays on” warning lights for uncompromised radiation safety and local compliance.

With its foldable legs the X-MET8000 benchtop stand can be transported anywhere and is powered from the X-MET.

Handheld XRF portable stand with safety shieldLight Stand and Safety Shield

A portable 2-part small stand for the safe analysis of small samples (e.g. fasteners, sample cups).

Handheld XRF radiation shieldLight Radiation Shield

An easy-fit radiation shield to minimise the scatter of X-rays from low density samples (e.g. aluminium alloys, plastics).

Handheld XRF background plateBackground Plate

Placed under thin, flat low-density samples, the background plate minimises scattered X-rays, and ensures accurate results by stopping X-rays going through the samples.

Handheld XRF Analyser HolsterHolster

Secure holster frees your hands when not measuring samples, and makes the X-MET easy to transport on-site and easy to access.

Handheld XRF wrist strap & lanyardWrist Strap and Lanyard

For the safe and secure use of the analyser, also allowing hands-free on-site transportation.

Handheld XRF analysis & Bluetooth printerWireless Bluetooth® Printer

Portable battery operated Bluetooth® printer for on-site results’ print outs (on paper or sticky labels) to avoid mix-ups and re-testing.

Handheld XRF analysis & barcode scannerBluetooth® Barcode Scanner

Quickly define sample name and/or additional information to prevent typing errors and save time with complicated sample names.