Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis is now part of Hitachi High-Technologies Group.

The TEST-MASTER Pro is optimised for fully automated applications. Two types of applications are possible: ARC automation (excitation in air atmosphere), primarily used for sorting tasks and SPARK automation (excitation in argon atmosphere) for the precise analysis of elements.

  • Automation probe ARC with rugged aluminium housing, reinforced cooling system and 10 m connection hose
  • Automation probe SPARK with rugged aluminium housing, integrated mini optic for Carbon, Phosphorus and Sulphur determination
  • 10 m connection hose
  • Automation software with data export via LAN or USB, interaction with PLC (Programmable Logic Control)
  • Remote terminals for spectrometer control available
  • Automation interface with 6 channels for connection to a PLC-system (START, RESET, GOOD, BAD, AUTO, READY)
アサイラム・リサーチのAFMが超高分解能の新基準を打ち立てました!AFMを溶液製膜法と組み合わせることにより、ポリマー構造の特性評価において、シンプルかつ超高分解能なアプローチを提供する事が可能に‼ 詳細は、”Nature”… https://t.co/Sv3gO79mpn
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