Aluminium (Al) Sputtering with excellent step coverage using the PlasmaPro System400

Al has applications in metal interconnects and hardmask. It may be deposited using Physical Vapour Deposition  (PVD), also known as Sputter Deposition. Some process benefits include; wide temperature range, smooth surface and excellent step coverage.

SEM image shows Al deposited on 1:1 and 2:1 aspect ratio Si lines. Continuous metal film on the walls.


Process Specification

  PlasmaPro 100 PlasmaPro System400
Deposition rate: お問い合わせください お問い合わせください
Uniformity: お問い合わせください お問い合わせください
Single wafer size: お問い合わせください お問い合わせください
Batch size: - お問い合わせください


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