Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3) Deposition

Al2O3 may be deposited using the following process types:

Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3) Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) 

Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3) plasma and thermal ALD

Al2O3 has applications in medium-k dielectric, wear resistant coating and barrier layers and may be deposited using Atomic Layer Deposition  (ALD). Process benefits include; true self-limiting ALD behaviour, high repeatability and high conformality.

SEM image shows 80 nm thick Al2O3 film in 2.5μm wide trenches with an aspect ratio of 10:1. Courtesy of Eindhoven University of Technology and Philips Research

Process Specification

Precursors: お問い合わせ下さい
Non-metal precursors: お問い合わせ下さい
Temperature range: お問い合わせ下さい
Growth rate per cycle: お問い合わせ下さい
Deposition rate: お問い合わせ下さい
Refractive Index: お問い合わせ下さい
Uniformity: お問い合わせ下さい


Aluminium Dioxide (Al2O3) Reactive Ion Beam Deposition 

Al2O3 Ion Beam Deposition in the Ionfab300Plus (LC) and Optofab3000

Process Specification:

  • Al2O3 deposition with rotation and adjustable tilt
  • Etch source available for pre-clean
  • Deposition Gases: Ar, O2

Summary performance data:

Chamber base pressurea <3e-7 Torr
Load lock base pressureb <1e-5 Torr

a. After 12 hours bake out at 80˚C.
b. Load lock pumps down to 6E-5Torr in less than three minutes. It takes less than five minutes from sample loading i.e. from the load lock to process platen with load lock pump down sequence.

Ionfab300Plus (LC)

Deposition rate: お問い合わせ下さい
Uniformity over 200mm:1, 2 お問い合わせ下さい
Reproducibility: お問い合わせ下さい
Stress (compressive):2 お問い合わせ下さい
Wafer size: お問い合わせ下さい


Deposition rate: お問い合わせ下さい
Refractive Index @ 632.8nm: お問い合わせ下さい
Uniformity over 75mm thick annulus: お問い合わせ下さい
Uniformity over 30mm thick annulus centred at 75mm substrate radius: お問い合わせ下さい
Uniformity over 200mm (no shield):1,2 お問い合わせ下さい
Stress (compressive):2 お問い合わせ下さい
Wafer size: お問い合わせ下さい