Before AZtec can index an EBSP, it needs to know which lattice planes in the crystal structure produce the most intense diffraction bands. Although such "reflector files" for many of the most commonly analysed phases are supplied with AZtec, you may sometimes want to collect EBSD data from a "new" phase.
Twist is an easy-to-use software module that allows you to generate reflector files for new phases, regardless of their symmetry, using atomic position data and an advanced kinematical diffraction theory.

Key Specifications:

  • Simple, step by step procedure to create a new reflector file
  • Equivalent atom generation (Wyckoff)
  • Search facility for space group symbols
  • 3D animation of unit cells
  • All 11 Laue and 230 space groups supported
  • Reflector intensity calculations based upon kinematical electron diffraction theory