Electronics - Increase productivity with better process control

  • Analysis of gold and palladium thickness of electrical contacts, for example Au/Ni/Cu
  • Measurement of solderability on printed circuit boards such as Ag/Cu/Epoxy

Metal Finishing - Minimise production cost of the plating process and maximise production output

  • Multi sample and multi point analysis
  • Single or multi layer thickness measurement
  • Plating bath analysis

Precious Metals / Metal Alloys - Rapid, non-destructive analysis of jewellery and other alloys

  • Gold analysis, i.e. Karat and other elements determination
  • Precious metal alloy assay

Compliance testing -  Ensure products conform to specifications

  • Determination of hazardous substances from ppm to high % levels
  • Quantification of toxic elements e.g. Cd, Hg, Pb etc to verify compliance
  • RoHS screening following IEC62321
  • High reliability testing for aerospace - positive identification of leaded solder

Alternative Energy - Ensure product efficiency and uniformity

  • Thin-film photovoltaic cells - composition analysis of the thin-film absorber layer (e.g. CIS, CIGS, CdTe)
  • Optimised electrical conductivity through layer thickness analysis