ARgyle Light™  Application

Offline Advanced 3D Image Rendering and Export 


ARgyle Light is a free standalone application that allows users to render and share their AFM image files outside the real-time Asylum Research software. ARgyle Light will read and import all the channel data from the native *.ibw Asylum AFM image files. It has many of the same powerful rendering tools found in the full real-time software to create stunning images in an easy-to-use interface.

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Present Your Images in the Best Light

Just as lighting and color bring out detailed structure in everyday objects, ARgyle Light presents options to fully interact with various properties related to the illumination of the AFM image. Bring out the best qualities in your data that would normally go unnoticed.

  • Spotlight can be enabled and rotated in a virtual sphere around the sample to illuminate it from any angle.

  • A rich selection of color palettes are offered for mapping your channel data. 

  • Specular lighting can be enabled to give your data a shiny, reflective appearance. This can help highlight small surface features.

  • Lighting and background colors can be changed.

Generate Professional Publication-Ready Graphics


Once the perspective, scaling, color, and lighting conditions have been optimized, you can take a snapshot and copy it to the clipboard or save it to a standard graphic file format (JPEG, PNG, BMP, and TIFF) at high resolution.

Browse Your AFM Images as Thumbnails in Windows


Included with the ARgyle Light application is the Thumbnail Viewer. The Thumbnail Viewer is a separate utility that allows you to display Asylum image and force plot files as thumbnails in Windows file folders. These images, along with other critical data from the .ibw files, can be viewed without the need to open them in IGOR Pro or in ARgyle Light. This utility allows users a unique way to visually differentiate, sort, search and organize their AFM images.

Software Requirements


Files supported:
Asylum Research AFM files with the .ibw extension.

Windows version:
ARgyle Light operates under Microsoft Windows, from Windows XP up through Windows 8.

ARgyle Light is offered at no-charge to users of Asylum Research AFMs and their colleagues. It does not require IGOR Pro to be installed.

More Software Features



3D data anaylsis and rendering



Spring constant calibration



Automated imaging



Macro automation



One click configuration