Sequence of 3D renderings of an E. coli bacterium as it was imaged in real-time.

Advanced 3D Data Analysis and Rendering Capabilities


ARgyle is a built-in feature within the Asylum Research software that allows powerful data analysis, rendering and real-time 3D imaging. The exclusive real-time 3D display allows you to view a realistic representation of your sample while the image is still being acquired. Once you have acquired your image, you can overlay a second data type like modulus or phase as a color scale on the 3D topography, rotate the image to any point of view, and adjust the scaling and lighting – all during the scan. This powerful capability is only available on Asylum Research AFMs.

Image: Sequence of 3D renderings of an E. coli bacterium as it was imaged in real-time with ARgyle.

Image analysis and rendering for stunning display of data:

  • Render and export your data for journal-quality presentation and publication
  • Control color height maps, lighting angle and intensity, dynamic data range scaling, interactive real-time rotation, zooming and panning
  • Create Quicktime® movies and 3D stereo anaglyphs
  • Overlay other AFM channels or optical images on 3D topography. For example, modulus or phase data can be overlaid to correlate properties with topography
  • ARgyle Light is the off-line version of ARgyle that offers the same powerful rendering capabilities outside the real-time version of ARgyle. Users can easily share their data amongst colleagues with this stand alone application.
    Download ARgyle Light
    View example ARgyle Light image files


​Advanced 3D Image Rendering


  • Adjust image rotation, pitch and scale to see your image from any perspective

  • Adjust data range and offset to optimally display your data

  • Control the image aspect ratio to accentuate topographic features or display at 1:1 to view features at the same scale as the scan size

  • Display or hide axis labels, boundary boxes, tick marks, and color bars

Visualize How Multiple Data Channels Correlate


AFM images can contain multiple data types as well as post-processed channels, including topography, phase, current, modulus and many others. Data channel overlay enables data from one channel to be “painted” using a color scale on top of a 3D representation of a second data type (often topography). 


Present Your Images in the Best Light


Just as lighting and color bring out detailed structure in everyday objects, ARgyle presents options to fully interact with various properties related to the illumination of the AFM image. Bring out the best qualities in your data that would normally go unnoticed.

  • Spotlight can be enabled and rotated in a virtual sphere around the sample to illuminate it from any angle.

  • A rich selection of color palettes are offered for mapping your channel data. 

  • Specular lighting can be enabled to give your data a shiny, reflective appearance. This can help highlight small surface features.

  • Lighting and background colors can be changed

Generate Professional Publication-Ready Graphics


Once the perspective, scaling, color, and lighting conditions have been optimized, you can take a snapshot and copy it to the clipboard or save it to a standard graphic file format (JPEG, PNG, BMP, and TIFF) at high resolution.

More Software Features

	ARgyle Light

ARgyle Light

Offline advanced 3D image rendering and export 



Spring constant calibration



Automated imaging



Macro automation



One click configuration

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