50kV-Integrated-X-ray-Source-Optima-93225Our Optima 93225 is the world’s smallest 50kV, 50W integrated source.

The Optima 93225 consists of an integrated, programmable, compact design that contains our field proven X-ray tube, state-of-the-art high voltage power supply and digital controller. The 93225 simplifies communication and system integration without the need for high voltage cable connections, making it extremely reliable and cost-effective. It also comes standard with a Beryllium window.

  • Stable X-ray output - High precision measurements
  • Intelligent controller - Enables maximum filament life
  • Advanced digital interface - Simplifies communication and system integration
  • Small, compact design - Easily integrates into your X-ray system
  • Fully shielded package - Eliminates X-ray leakage

Key Specifications Optima 93225

  • Operating Voltage:     30-50kV
  • Power:                           50W
  • Spot Size:                     150 µm
  • Target Material:            W

Typical Applications


80kV Integrated X-ray Source-Optima 97008

80kV Integrated X-ray Source-Optima 97008

The Optima 97008 is an 80kV, 33µm integrated X-ray source designed for medical imaging, yet is versatile for most industrial inspection and non-destructive testing, including PCB assembly, battery and mechanical parts inspection applications.

Compact Integrated X-ray Source-Optima 98017

Compact Integrated X-ray Source-Optima 98017

The Optima 98017 is a low power, fully integrated, compact X-ray source operating at 45kV and 50µA. Featuring a small, lightweight package, the 98017 is ideal for use in handheld X-ray systems and other small enclosures.

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