X-Strata920 – Cost-effective, non-destructive and reliable

A simple to use, quality control analyser for coating thickness and materials analysis.

  • New modern design
  • Rapid measurement (seconds) from one to four coating layers
  • Range of hardware configurations, i.e. Standard base, Minwell, or automated table to cover a wide range of sample types
  • “Slotted Chamber” to measure large area samples, e.g. printed circuit boards, flat sheets etc
  • Compliance with ISO3487 and ASTM B568 test methods

X-Strata980 – Flexible, multi-element, non-destructive materials analysis

A comprehensive, powerful XRF analyser measuring a wide range of samples - very small to large.

  • Fast, accurate analysis on solids, liquids and powders
  • Large sample chamber with programmable base for ease of loading and measurement (option)
  • Integrated PC for minimal bench space
  • High resolution detector for lowest detection limits
  • Wide range of applications including photovoltaic cells, RoHS and precious metals


#顕微鏡学会 弊社のランチョンセミナー大盛況でした。 参加して下さった皆様ありがとうございました。 そして、弊社はより良い製品を皆様に届ける事が出来るよう日々研鑽してまいります。 pic.twitter.com/VKk1wf1Llz
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