Mark Vosloo - Sales, CS & Marketing DirectorWhat's new in etching, deposition and growth?

Autumn’s Process News contains exciting news about our new product launch, the PlasmaPro 100 range of etch and deposition tools, which offer improved hardware and process solutions for both our production and R&D customers. The PlasmaPro 100 platform has been designed to meet the most demanding applications in key markets including MEMS, Semiconductor Electronics, Failure Analysis and HBLED. Since the launch of the PlasmaPro 100, our Process team has been working hard running the tools in our lab to validate existing and new processes, and some of the results we have achieved are included in this issue. Mark Vosloo - Sales, CS & Marketing Director

Autum issue contents:

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PT Elements iPad App

PT Elements iPad AppClick here to download from iTunes

This clear and interactive Periodic Table of Elements is an excellent reference tool for anyone with an interest in Plasma Etch & Deposition processes.

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